Acne Reversal & Acne Scar Treatments

Acne can come from many sources, most common is an inflammatory skin disorder associated with nodular skin lesions with scars) and irregularities on the face during the later stages (did you know we can get rid of Scars too; but lets get the acne under control first). It is a difficult problem affecting millions of teenagers and adults. The exact cause is unknown although factors such as dietary habits, hormonal changes especially during puberty, certain drugs, stress, nutritional deficiencies etc. have been implicated in the etiology. Sometimes acne occurs for the first time later in life (30—40 years). The infections in acne are as a result of Propionobacterium acnes along with Staphylocccous aureus. There are different methods of management of acne. Several prescription and over the counter products provide varying degrees of clearance of the lesions. The goal of the treatment is aimed at reducing the level of bacterial population in the lesion providing a healthy environment for healing.



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