Choosing the Anti-Aging Injectable That’s Right for You

body_beautiful_juveOf particular interest is how long Juvéderm lasts, usually ten months! There are three “thicknesses” of Juvéderm, the first two are for mild to moderate skin thinning and fine wrinkles, the third for more severe aging damage. Juvéderm is huge now for its ability to add tone and fullness to thinning skin and stubborn mouth wrinkles. Ask Body Beautiful to pick the Anti-aging product that’s right for you and your unique face!       To read more choose the article …

For most people who want to keep it simple, Juvederm and Juvederm Ultra are the best choices.

Many Patients who receive Juvederm also benefit from Botox, Face Lift, Chemical Peels, Lip Implants, Fat Transfer, Latisse and Teeth Whitening.

We recommend our clinically proven SkinMedica skin care line to enhance and lengthen your results.


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